Efficient Reliable

Efficient, reliable, exciting, cutting-edge, and so on

This is how all companies want their customers to perceive them. And the list could be much longer.

Similarly, it is easy to create a seemingly endless list of attributes to avoid. But no matter how long that list may be, “boring” will always be at the very top. That’s because there’s no silver lining when customers believe your brand and products are boring.

A company can deal with the fact that some people believe their prices are too high – it can position itself as a provider of luxury goods. A company can even survive (and thrive) if its products aren’t the most reliable but are affordable – you get good value for money. However, there is nothing to salvage when people see you as boring.

This begs the question of how a company develops such a reputation. At first glance, it’s the fault of the marketing department. But, there is more to it if you take the word of social psychologist Jenny Mueller.

Mueller believes that senior management often blocks marketing people from being truly creative. This brings about the unflattering brand image. But this isn’t something they do on purpose.

Many people have a negative image of high-powered executives, which is why it’s easy to see them as the villains here. But, Mueller’s research shows that when people find themselves in a position where they’re responsible for allocating resources, they automatically go for safe options.

This means those executives aren’t people who are opposed to the idea of fun. They are simply crumbling under the pressure of their role within the company.

There are two possible ways to address this. One is for senior management to change their ways. The other is for marketers to find ways of being both safe and creative. Here, merchandising can help.

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