Custom Backpacks for Indoor and Outdoor Uses

Bags, in general, provide brands with a practical and cost-effective marketing tool. For outdoor-focused companies, clubs, and schools, a backpack is a multifunctional piece of promotional merchandise. This type of bag has the advantage of spill over usage where it can be utilised whenever and wherever there is a need for it. This gives companies the ability to promote their brand without doing much of the legwork.


Simple but Effective

A backpack is available in multiple designs and comes with different features; any of these can sufficiently bear your logo. A larger design even has the space for additional artwork that distinguishes your company from others. Since backpacks are typically worn on the person’s back, your advertorial design is in full view of anyone walking behind the wearer. When implemented properly, a simple backpack turns into an effective marketing tool.

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Durable and Memorable

Backpacks as promotional items are typical for gyms and sports clubs. It’s often used as an incentive for new registrants. Its popularity in these communities is due to its practicality as a carrier for clothes and equipment. However, this function has inspired its durability. Since it has a longer lifetime than other marketing materials, a branded backpack creates better brand recall.


Durable and Memorable

Promotional Centre has backpacks that are suitable for marketing campaigns. Available in different designs, these bags can be customised to bear your logo and reflect your branding.


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