Custom Duffle Bags for Travelling

In terms of reach, a duffel bag has one of the widest for marketing merchandise. A high-quality duffel bag that carries your logo can be taken across the country and around the world. This type of promotional merchandise gives you national and international reach without the expensive price tag.


Target a Larger Audience

Everyone needs a bag. In using this item for your marketing campaign, you reach a larger audience. A duffle bag, in particular, caters to a community of business travellers, gym goers, and sports enthusiasts. For companies looking to expand their market, this is an effective way of getting your brand out there. Additionally, this familiarity through an everyday item improves brand recall.

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Duffel Bags in Marketing

Bags, in general, present two marketing perks: (A) proactive promotion through use and (B) effective support for your CSR efforts.

(1) A business traveller will often choose functionality over style, which is why branded duffle bags are popular giveaway items at seminars and training programmes. (2) A well-made duffle bag that has multiple pockets is more practical than minimalistic designer luggage. (3) Bags are reusable items that are more sustainable than traditional marketing materials like banners, flyers, and brochures. (4) When you use bags to support your marketing campaign, you also promote your CSR efforts through sustainable promotional items.


Custom Duffle Bags from Promotional Centre

As one of Australia’s leading merchandise suppliers, we have a selection of duffle bags that come in multiple designs, colours, and sizes.


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