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When a company wants to go on a marketing offensive, it has quite a few options at its disposal.

Two popular choices are to run an ad campaign and to invest in promotional merchandise.

Both of these strategies have a number of benefits. Execute them properly and they’ll produce amazing results. But, a promotional product has one advantage over an ad that can turn out to be a huge factor in the long run. That advantage is repeat use. Think of it this way.

If you create an amazing ad, you can attract many new customers. People will see it online or on the TV and take the action you want them to. They’ll buy your product, use your service, etc.

However, it is not realistic to expect your every ad to be a smash hit. History has shown that there are always hits and misses. A company can have an amazing ad, a terrible ad, and quite a few that fall somewhere in between.

So, what happens when an ad doesn’t quite hit the mark? In essence, nothing. A person will see it and likely forget about it as soon as something else occupies their attention. The opportunity is gone. But, that’s not the case with branded merchandise.

A promotional item sticks around. For more than six months on average, as a matter of fact. And even that depends heavily on the type of product – a person can wear a good promotional jacket for years. This time brings extra chances for people to enter the sales funnel.

A person who takes your promotional item may not become a paying customer on that very day. Or during that month. But once they’ve used the item and seen your company name for the 50th time, they might. There are no guarantees here, only opportunities. And promotional items give you more opportunities than other forms of marketing thanks to repeat use.

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